Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who was targeted in today's drug bust?

A total of 17 suspects were targeted in today's drug bust, which centered around Bogalusa, and got under way as officers gathered at 4:30 at the National Guard Readiness Center.

The Bogalusa Police Department had nine on their list:
   • Sebastian Levi
   • John Roberts
   • Tina Jefferson
   • Darin L. Fields
   • Myrtis Dixon a/k/a Myrtis Bickham
   • Luther Whitten, Sr.
   • Randall Lane Lavinghouse
   • Diana Ramsher
   • Russel Ramsher

The Louisiana State Police Narcotics Unit had eight on their list:
   • Willie K. Holloway
   • Gregory "Little Greg" Bickham
   • Larry O'Neal Cotton
   • Roderick McCray
   • Jada Owens
   • Roy Lee Short
   • Jason Cooley, Jr.
   • Johnny R. Robertson

During the briefing of officers, Bogalusa officer D Ray Phelps, who was one of two coordinators of the strikes, warned that any of the individuals could be dangerous, but specifically warned about Holloway and Fields.

Holloway, incidentally, is the victim in the armed robbery allegedly committed by Bogalusa PFC Anton Atkins near the corner of Rosa Pearl and Plum on Sunday night.

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