Thursday, August 4, 2011

We have moved ...

... from Blogger to a new location.
John H. Walker

Blogger has served us well and has accommodated many stories and photos, but there are capacity limitations.

Our new home is — as in your news, your way.

There are a number of features at this new location that we believe will help us better serve you ... including better separation of pages, expanding archives and local links you might find interesting.

Readers will also be able to place word classifieds and pay for them online ... oh, by the way, when we activate that section, all classified word ads will be free for the first 30 days. After that, I think you'll find the rates to be more than competitive.

And if you have a business, we want to talk with you about advertising on My WP News. Again, the rates are very competitive.

As with Blogger, our new host utilizes Google Analytics — which means they operate the visitor counter, keeps up with the clicks on ads as well as the click-thrus and provides audited reports.

As we've said several times before, we appreciate your support — both in the past as well as in the future.
                                                                           -John H. Walker

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sick council members force meeting cancellation

Three sick members of the Bogalusa City Council forced a cancellation of Tuesday's regular meeting, which included condemnation hearings, and left those coming to City Hall greeted only by a hastily scrawled sign.

As a result, City Judge Robert Black was at the front door of City Hall, meeting persons who were coming for the condemnation portion of the lengthy agenda.

"We work to notify people and we may have someone coming from out-of-town," Black told wpnewsblog. "It would be right to contact them, tell them we were going to have a hearing and then have them show up to a locked building."

Just as Black was explaining why he was there, four members of a family walked up to the door, asking about the hearings.

"We won't have the hearing," he told them, "but we can sit down and discuss what is going on and what options you may be facing."

Tuesday's agenda was a lengthy one, including four resolutions alone pertaining to the Louisiana Community Development Block Grant Program. Additionally, business operators could be facing another cost of doing business, based on the details of an ordinance that would allow for the creation of a tax on the "pursuit of business."

There is no indication as to whether council will call a special meeting or wait until the next session, scheduled for August 16.